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U.S. Spring Wheat Crop Drops Slightly in Ratings
North Dakota Ag Connection - 06/27/2019

The U.S. spring wheat crop dropped slightly in overall ratings, compared to the previous week. As of Sunday, 75 percent of the crop was rated good to excellent, compared to 77 percent the previous week, and 3 percent poor to very poor compared to 2 percent. The sharpest drops were in Montana and western North Dakota where moisture stress was becoming more evident with lack of significant rains at the time of the report.

Conditions improved slightly across South Dakota with the drier weather pattern being favorable for that part of the region. Since the release of the report, some beneficial rains have fallen across the drier northern portions of the HRS region, but additional and more frequent rains will be needed, as temperatures are forecasted to reach in the upper 80's and lower 90's later this week.

Crop development continues to run behind average with just 7 percent of the U.S. HRS crop headed, well behind the 2018 pace of 30 percent and the five-year average of 29 percent. Development is most advanced in Minnesota with 14 percent headed, followed by South Dakota at 10 percent, and 2 percent in North Dakota. All states are about ten days behind in development, but the forecasted warm up in temperatures should accelerate development compared to recent weeks.

The North Dakota and Montana durum crops dropped in condition ratings this past week, reflective of the lack of sufficient rainfall during May and early June across traditional growing regions. In Montana, 41 percent of the crop was rated good to excellent, down from 50 percent the previous week, and 6 percent poor to very poor, up from 2 percent. The crop is rated slightly below a year ago, but near the five-year average condition levels for late June. In North Dakota, 75 percent of the crop is rated good to excellent, down from 85 percent the previous week, and 1 percent poor to very poor, similar to the previous week. Recent rains are expected to stabilize crop ratings going into next week, but rain patterns continue to be sporadic in coverage, so not all areas have benefitted, and the region could really benefit from a broad soaking rain.

Development of the durum crop remains behind normal with 8 percent of the Montana crop yet to emerge and 5 percent of the North Dakota crop. The earliest portion of the crop shows 10 percent at the boot stage in Montana, which compares to a more typical level of 25 percent. In North Dakota, one-half of the crop has reached the jointing stage which compares to 74 percent last year and a more typical level of 60 percent.

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